Mobile development, multichannel, omnichannel, call centres, interactive voice response systems, social networks, collaboration platforms – the list of new realities that insurers must deal with are extensive. This forces them to rethink their business models to include digital evolution – a process that is transforming product distribution, improving after-sales service and facilitating transactions with partners. It is an increasingly important driver of growth, but it can also significantly lower organisations’ operating costs.

Digital transformation is about anticipating changes in the behaviour of clients or business partners, and by applying technology strategically, drive revenue, bolster your competitive standing, enhance quality, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Why transform your business

Value optimisation

Value optimisation aims to identify and reap the anticipated benefits of programmes and projects underway in your organisation. Maximise the strategic output of your projects and their contribution to achieving your vision.

Strategic architectures

Built a strategic architecture and IT master plan that provide the technological support to your digital transformation – design and implement pragmatic, future-ready solutions in keeping with required resources, budgets, deadlines and capacities.

Digital transformation

Modern back-end systems are the enablers of digital transformation; without professional realignment of back-end systems and reliable business processes, transformation is not possible.

Insurers have all started their digital transformation. The challenges stands in optimisation and flexibility to reach larger markets. Digital transformation is from now on a reality and it has to be seized as an opportunity.”
Alain Lamothe Global Head of Insurance
Alain Lamothe

Why choose GFT

Strategic vision

GFT specialists guide you through a complex, fascinating world of endless possibilities. We assist insurers in the creation of a strategic vision for digital transformation of insurance business models.

Deep business expertise and technical knowledge

GFT consists of insurance experts who offer a new way to support insurers in their growth challenges and digital transformations in order to propel them into the future.

A global player with a local presence

GFT has stood for technological expertise, innovative strength and outstanding quality since 1987. Our global team works with the world’s leading insurance companies.