• GFT grows despite Covid-19

GFT grows despite Covid-19

12. Nov 2020
  • Revenue growth of 4 percent in first nine months of 2020
  • EBT of EUR 5.01 million in third quarter well up on first six months (EUR 4.04 million)
  • Revenue and EBT outlook for financial year 2020 confirmed once again
  • 38 percent of revenue generated by fast-growing technologies*
  • Successful sector strategy: business with insurance clients up 34 percent on previous year
  • 52 percent revenue growth in cloud business thanks to strong demand for GFT expertise
Marika Lulay
CEO GFT Technologies SE


  • Press release: GFT grows despite Covid-19

    In light of a positive revenue trend in the first nine months of 2020, GFT Technologies SE (GFT) is once again confirming its outlook for revenue and EBT. Revenue rose by 4 percent.