• Manage the power with Amazon Web Services

Manage the power with Amazon Web Services

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Success stories with AWS

Salt Bank ushers in a new era of digital ...

GFT and Engine by Starling enable the launch of Romania’s first neobank, successfully delivering for customers in under 12 months.
aws-related offerings

Application and mainframe modernisation

Learn how to reduce costs and do more with cloud
Bring your mainframe and applications up to speed and leverage the benefits of openness.

Data transformation

Are you drowning in the data swamp?
Leverage cloud computing and artificial intelligence to ingest data, analyse it in real time, and store only what you need to support the business.

Open API Framework

Expose your public APIs in a simple, secure and scalable way
Implement a winning open API strategy in weeks and improve your flexibility, scalability and resilience.

Cloud migration

Think big and move to real time
Read how migrating to the cloud empowers you to redefine the economics of your business and make innovation part of business as usual. With cloud you can remain competitive and ahead of the game.


Deliver better software faster, and at lower cost
Discover how DevOps has become mainstream and a catalyst for universal cloud adoption.

High performance computing

The easiest way to supercharge your business
High performance computing (HPC) on the cloud gives you instant access to aggregated computing power and you only pay for what your use.

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