• The business of open banking

The business of open banking

Learn why you must embrace the customer journey and monetise APIs
Discover how open banking creates a unique opportunity to monetise APIs.
Discover how open banking creates a unique opportunity to monetise APIs.
Explore open banking

Be a step ahead

Be a step ahead

Explore open banking

Alpesh Tailor
Group Head of Banking Solutions
Sergio Favarin
Group Head of Banking Solutions and Cloud
GFT Brasil
Be a step ahead

Thought leadership

Data quality framework

A practical guide to improving data quality.

Where does transformation begins…and ends?

A successful transformation journey not only means carrying out technology upgrades and implementing modern third-party services, but also shifting your mindset. Download our report to learn more about how to truly transform your bank.

Mainframe modernisation in life insurance savings

In this white paper GFT’s experts offer you a set of guidelines for successfully modernising your core.

eBook: Implementing Vault Core

We’ve gathered together some of the key points we’ve learned from a wide range of implementations, to help you make sure the move to Vault Core brings real competitive advantage.

Will your future be data powered?

Data has become a major factor of production and critical source of innovation. GFT explains how data virtualisation democratises data access and puts data at the heart of every key decision.

Unlocking agility beyond public cloud

A practical approach to core banking modernisation.

Unlimited compute power whenever you need it

Learn how HPC in the cloud opens up a world of unlimited computing power where you only pay for what you use.

Using ChatGPT safely

This new GFT paper outlines some harms and benefits of applications using ChatGPT.

Banking on cryptocurrencies

How should banks position themselves in a new environment where crypto is increasingly legitimate, and in what areas should a bank choose to play? Take a look at the report to learn more.

Taking Guidewire to the cloud

A summary of what to take into consideration in a cloud deployment of Guidewire.

The evolution of the modern data platform

The modern data platform does not seek to define a golden hammer to replace all the
different stages of legacy architectural designs. It ensures that we now put focus on the
domain itself.

The immutable green - blockchain redefines green bonds management

Find out more about a new era of green investment, offering advanced automation, total transparency and a ground-breaking financial product for retail investors.

Using cloud or still thinking about it?

Read our point of view and discover why cloud is simply a better way to run your business.

Will you choose cloud or multicloud?

Read our survey and learn why 63% of banks view multicloud as very important while 28% regard it as important.

Open finance is coming soon – are you ready?

Open finance is a great opportunity but it’s also complex. Get an expert view on what’s involved and follow GFT’s open finance roadmap to success.

Want to reduce development costs by 40%?

Read how BankLiteX offers a roadmap to bank digitalisation and modern methods including DevOps, microservices and continuous delivery.

Cut carbon with code

With GreenCoding, software development becomes part of your sustainability programme, reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout your organisation and your supply chain.

Join the global custody revolution

Distributed ledger technology and Daml smart contracts open up a new world of secure, scalable real-time global custody services. Learn how you can take advantage.

Concerned about cloud security?

A GFT security posture assessment gives you a snapshot of your ability to prevent, detect and remediate security threats across all your cloud domains.

How will you benefit from Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 means banking everywhere. How will your bank help manufacturers integrate payment platforms into devices and allow customers to connect directly to bank accounts?

Interested in digital transformation that delivers on its promise?

With Guidewire and GFT you have access to unrivalled expertise, best practice methods and proven processes. Become more productive, cut costs and thrive in the digital age.

Drowning in the data swamp?

Real-time data streaming equips you to make better business decisions, faster and store only the data you need.

Is risk your opportunity?

Read our survey and learn why 62% of banks use HPC to calculate Real-Time Market Risk while 67% use HPC to assess Credit Risk Potential Future Exposure.

Reach new customers cost effectively

With open banking standards, you join an ecosystem of regulated providers that can serve a universe of new customers in a consistent, secure way.

Transform into a data-driven bank

Read how open banking and cloud offer a new era of data-driven innovation where banks become more agile and customer-centric

Want to make innovation part of business as usual?

A progressive modernisation can boost agility, increase efficiency and reduce costs substantially.

Accelerate development

With DevOps and cloud, you can deliver a constant stream of innovation to increase customer engagement and build loyalty.

Is change getting ahead of you?

Progressive modernisation gives you freedom to innovate while your mainframe manages business as usual.

Want to assess DLT performance in the real world?

Read our case study evaluating the performance of distributed ledger technology (DLT) on the Digital Asset Platform.

The secret of success in open banking

Mainframe transformation is critical to long term success with open banking. GFT’s expert view can help inform your back-end modernisation.

Want to see the future of financial supply chain management, now?

With blockchain and smart contracts you turn customer into partners.

Want to know what your competitors are doing with cloud?

Read our research and discover how the world’s foremost investment banks plan to transform with cloud and how this will enable future success.

Are you benefitting from GDPR?

GDPR offers many benefits. Follow GFT’s three-step methodology and turn compliance into an opportunity.