GFT anti-slavery statement

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Stateme​nt

At GFT we are fully committed to respecting Human Rights, including fundamental labour rights and international labour standards as set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. This statement, as well as our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, underlines our commitment to ensuring modern slavery does not take place anywhere in and around our organisation.

GFT Financial Ltd is part of GFT Group. The ultimate parent company, GFT Technologies SE, is located in Germany. The global team is spanning fifteen countries with about 5,600 people around the world. GFT Group members are located in Europe as well as in North and South America. All countries where GFT Group employees are present are signatories to the General Declaration of Human Rights as well as to the Labour Standards of the International Labour Organization.

GFT Financial Ltd provides services requiring highly skilled personnel, mainly to clients in the financial industry and has minimal or no current operations existing in countries with a high prevalence of modern slavery according to the Global Slavery Index.

Nevertheless, all employees and contractors are required to comply with their countries applicable laws. We do explicitly name the Modern Slavery Act in our contracts and require our contractors to comply with it. Currently we do not audit compliance with that requirements but where possible, we are building long standing relationships with suppliers and contractors who understand and will comply with our expected behaviours. The decisions of GFT Group’s Procurement Department are built on this when choosing suppliers and contractors.

Whilst our culture is such that we encourage staff to raise concerns openly, we also have a formal channel in place which is designed to make it easy for staff to make disclosures. We will continue to review our contracts and procurement processes periodically to ensure that our zero tolerance policy towards modern slavery is upheld.

This is our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement pursuant to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015, for the 2019 financial year ending 31.12.2019, as approved by the Board of Directors of GFT Financial Ltd on 10th Sept 2020.


Chris Ortiz
Managing Director, London Head of Financial Services, Atlantic