Blockchain test architecture

Click here to download the GFT approach for establishing a proof-of-concept Blockchain solution, and how this can tested at scale.

The Blockchain / distributed ledger technology (DLT) phenomenon has sparked a rush of innovation activity within the financial services sector, with firms eager to understand and prove their Blockchain capabilities. Many service organisations have rushed to release their Blockchain service or to introduce a Blockchain model into legacy processes to prove their capability. The industry is beginning to understand the many potential use-cases for DLT, and the potential benefits they may hold.

There is a clear need for a verified framework that can assist the rapid selection and scrutiny of Blockchain ideas, and the subsequent prototyping of those deemed to be successful. With such a fast-paced yet complex field, combining both technology and business processes, there can be significant challenges to getting a successful project off the ground. At GFT we have addressed this by creating a lean incubator to develop these ideas quickly, failing fast those ideas that will not succeed.

Why transform your business

Blockchain FinTechs

With the Financial Sector awash with Blockchain FinTechs, there are a number of perspectives on the correct deployment model, the most performant and scalable blockchain platform – both business and technology needs a clear view of the landscape.

Do business through a new lens

The current Blockchain phenomenon has encouraged traditional industries with rigid and established legacy processes to look at how they drive true business value and build a better bank of the future.

No time to be left behind

Blockchain technology is helping established industries to look at their entire business model – often a trusted, secure, decentralised model will help reduce costs and accelerate transactions.

We firmly believe that the experience we have gained and lessons learnt creating our Blockchain prototype provides a best-practice blueprint for our clients to unlock value from their distributed ledger technology investment. Richard Miller Strategy Head – Disruptive Technology

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Why choose GFT

Lucid vision of the landscape

GFT provides a clear view of the landscape with key Blockchain providers analysed and filtered. GFT can support internal and market initiatives across an organisation or marketplace – aligned with the various industry consortia.

Our Blockchain incubator

The GFT Project Jupiter incubator has created a blueprint for Blockchain success, based on practical real-world experience. For example, we use 10 quality metrics against which all Blockchain use-cases are tested for business value.

A tailored blueprint for your needs

Our blueprint for success can be tailored for any individual use-case, enabling the rapid prototyping of ideas and the ability to fail-fast those that will not succeed in future, ensuring that only the best and viable use-cases are invested in.

A blueprint for initiating business change using Blockchain

The latter half of 2015 was a rollercoaster ride for those involved in the Blockchain phenomenon. In the financial services sector there was a (...)

Blockchain and distributed ledgers at GFT

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Blockchain test architecture

Click here to download the GFT approach for establishing a proof-of-concept Blockchain solution, and how this can tested at scale.