Assessing the benefits of a cloud-based digital transformation

GFT has been working with cloud technology since its inception. As part of our thought leadership programme we recently sponsored an independent survey of investment banks conducted by HTF Research. The aim was to understand how they are using cloud and their plans for doing so in future.

From our practical experience we know that migrating to the cloud is a major undertaking. For many banks the true benefits promised by cloud may be more distant than previously thought. But, once they arrive, will it have been worth the effort?

We firmly believe that cloud technologies herald a new dawn in computing – one day, practically all processing will be done this way. Perhaps the biggest surprise in the research findings is the underrating of the cloud’s real potential. Many respondents perceive the cloud as a ‘new and innovative’ way of doing things, rather than a way
of doing new things that were hitherto impossible.

We believe that cloud is about so much more than technology – it is about people, culture and thinking big. By thinking more strategically, banks can harness the compute power and ‘elasticity’ of cloud to do new things, which they may not have been doing before.


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