An integrated solution

In a hyperconnected world, systems integration is critical to business success. Good platform engineering is essential to create an integrated, reusable technology stack on which to create applications that offer scale, reliability and a compelling user experience. 

In reality, good platform engineering calls for a multidisciplinary approach that includes: value stream mapping, business consulting and SME input to design and define products that meet user needs. 

Many organisations are harnessing the power of Agile and DevOps techniques to create an integrated platform that can embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of product development. Increasingly cloud technologies, including PaaS, play a key role.

Why platform engineering

Implement a technology renewal

Adopt a holistic approach to your technology stack and align your technology strategy with you business objectives.

Meet emerging customer needs profitably

Customers are becoming more savvy and demanding. Keeping up with increasing expectations requires a new approach centred on customer value. Good platform engineering enables you to adopt agile practices including DevOps to deliver value sooner.

Reduce friction in software development

Implement a digital transformation gradually and based on sound commercial principles.

Good platform engineering is about achieving the right technology mix on which to build a successful future. Agile transformation means delivering quality software in short, fast increments as part of a continuous technology renewal. And by using microservies and organisation can deliver new business capabilities.”
Manuel Lavín CEO GFT Spain

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

A track record of engineering excellence

GFT has unique platform engineering experience. We can help you design and build a strategic platform that is closely aligned to your business goals.

Industry insight and specialist knowledge

We’ve helped many global banks re-engineer their platforms to take advantage of modern technologies, such as agile, devops and microservices.

Cross-functional mixed shore delivery success

GFT can help you deliver a new platform quickly and cost effectively. Our unique mix of business and technology skills in near-shore and onshore locations make us your ideal partner for a successful digital transformation.