Some things are given: your core banking system has to meet regulatory requirements; it should provide new ways to address your clients and enable the transition to digital banking experiences and omnichannel solutions. At the same time, core banking applications should remain robust and reliable.

The last thing you want is a radical redesign and drastic change in legacy core systems, yet you do need flexibility and plenty of leeway for systems to evolve and transform.

With the right support, banks can create work-arounds and amend their core systems, but this can result in ‘technical debts’. One alternative option is to adapt the core banking system so it can respond flexibly to new requirements.

Our job at GFT is to help you identify the best possible way to modernise your core banking system, by either updating your existing systems, implementing and customising a third party solution or developing your individual application.

Why transform your business

Cope with continual regulation changes

Banks will need to respond to the ongoing regulatory challenge with adaptable operating models and systems which are regulation agnostic, rather than dealing individually with each emerging regulatory requirement.

A seamless omni-channel experience

Customers want to solve their financial challenges on their terms, when their need – not the bank’s – is greatest. They also want the same world-class banking experience across all channels. Your core banking system is key to meet each new challenge.

Leverage your customer relationships

Are you able to identify your most important customers and offer customised products on the spot – across every channel? Integrate your core banking with a marketing and analytics database and big data solutions to process each new type of request.

GFT has successfully implemented a whole host of new projects involving the upgrading and/or replacement of legacy core applications. This involved bringing together omnichannel processes without having to isolate or duplicate applications or databases.”
Pere Font Martínez IT Senior Manager
Pere Font

Why choose GFT

We know how to change a running system

If you change your core banking system you want to be sure that the new processes will run smoothly. Thanks to a wealth of experience with a variety of core banking systems, we have the know-how it takes to replace your system.

Product-independent experience

We advise you independently and are not bound to any particular product. Thanks to partnerships and GFT experts in leading core banking systems – such as Avaloq, IBM, SAP, Temenos T24 – you benefit from our knowledge at different providers.

Efficiency gains through outsourcing

Our core banking services include application development and maintenance. We enable you to reduce operating costs through investment in technical enhancements, simultaneously clustering core applications in domain knowledge areas.