A cornerstone of the financial system, payment methods are in constant evolution. While credit and debit cards represented a major payment revolution in the final decades of the 20th century – and are still extremely popular payment methods today – the advent of mobile payments has been shaking the market for the past couple of years and the arrival of instant payments should bring yet another disruption.

As our lifestyle changes, so do our shopping habits. The frequency and location of purchases have evolved greatly in the past two decades and banks have had to accommodate these changes – all of which brought security and data management challenges.

This evolution doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, rather the opposite. In 2018, the EU’s introduction of the SCTinst scheme for instant payments and the PSD2 regulation will push the market forward once again, offering new challenges and opportunities to banks and fintech companies.

Why transform your business

New revenue opportunities

Over the next decade, cash payments will drop significantly while cards and mobile payments will rise, offering banks new opportunities to engage with customers.

Simplified payment experience

From cash to mobile, let customers choose the most convenient payment method for each situation, ensuring fast, secure and reliable payments at all times.

Innovative solutions aligned with new regulations

Comply with continuously evolving payments regulations, ranging from increased security measures to shortened settlement times and the adoption of global standards.

The digital revolution is changing market conditions at breakneck speed, especially for financial services providers who have just started innovation. One of the most important aspects of this ongoing change is to redefine and adapt business models for the new payment systems through an omnichannel strategy.”
Carlo Secci Director
Carlo Secci

Why choose GFT

Unrivalled knowledge of payment business

Our consultants have been working with global banks since 1987, ensuring they stay ahead of the game when it comes to the evolution in payments.

User adoption

User interface design is of paramount importance. GFT uses its customer experience labs to learn how people want to use payment services. As a result, by the time you launch a new service, you already know your customers will love it.

Time to market

GFT has already completed much of the development work required to launch your payment offering, enabling you to bring your ideas to the market in record time.