GFT’s Centre of Excellence allows the company to maximise its recognised expertise in designing and implementing innovative solutions. The unit brings together professionals with a wealth of experience in large-scale digital transformation projects, both in property and casualty insurance (P&C) and in life and health insurance. The Centre of Excellence is staffed by professionals certified in different insurance solutions – the main ones being Guidewire and OIPA (Oracle).

The aim of the Centre of Excellence is to act as:

  • an aggregator of business and IT expertise, focusing on property, casualty, life and health insurance
  • a facilitator in sharing and realising both technological and business innovations
  • a local and international delivery lever

This unique insurance centre offers an approach inspired by open innovation and agile delivery, tapping into detailed insurance sector knowledge. In terms of operational CRM, we develop solutions that manage interaction processes with existing and prospective customers.

Why transform your business

Innovation – open and applied

The Insurance Innovation and Performance Centre brings together major insurers to identify industry issues and support them in identifying and implementing innovative solutions, in collaboration with the most promising InsurTechs.

Performing delivery team

The CIPA team combines broad-based experience in the insurance sector with a solid understanding of best-practice applications and a pragmatic approach to agility to deliver unmatched performance and create value for our clients.

Advanced expertise

CIPA's professionals have deep insurance expertise and master various technologies. Our certified experts support insurer’s teams, accelerating delivery and bringing quality results. A new way to support insurers in their digital transformation.

Our Centre of Excellence allows insurers to offer enhanced solutions thanks to delivery teams of certified specialists who work in keeping with industry best practices. It offers flexibility to respond to customers needs through innovative approaches, value creation and an adaptive delivery mode.”
Alain Lamothe Global Head of Insurance
Alain Lamothe

Why choose GFT

An in-depth understanding of insurance

GFT is recognised for its in-depth understanding of insurance and the pooled expertise of its specialists, offering insurance companies unique support to expand their business and managing the digital transformation process.

Successful achievements

Since 1987, GFT has been delivering technological expertise and world-class services based on an outstanding flair for innovation. Over the years, GFT has successfully completed numerous large-scale projects with Canadian and European insurers.

Team of experts

With more than 50 certified specialists in Guidewire and Oracle platforms, the experts at GFT play a pivotal role in delivering industry-leading insurance solutions.