• Over 50 specialists trained on Guidewire products, principally Claim Center
  • Project experience in Italy, Brazil, the UK and South Africa;
  • integrated on-site delivery using GFT offshore centres
  • Benefit analysis, assessment of implementation projects such as configuration, integration and data migration
  • Application of agile methods to enhance solution adoption by end users
  • Accelerators available for Italian regulations, framework batch processing, data migration and document integration
  • Post-deployment services for application management and release upgrade support
  • Collaboration with consulting partners working in claims, enhancing process and functional skills and transformation governance

Besides providing support through Guidewire Claim Center implementation services, not only do we help firms create mobile claim solutions that integrate back-end systems, we also help digitize the claims document flow.

Why transform your business

Claims management: a critical process

For an insurance company, managing a claim is the most critical factor in the interaction with the customer. For this reason, we have developed applications that help customers manage claim-opening and follow the management process.

Lower costs

Efficient and effective claims management makes it possible to reduce cost and make better use of resources. Since claims management is closely related to fraud prevention, efficient claims management can help prevent fraud.

Digital transformation

Modern back-end systems are the enablers of digital transformation; without professional realignment of back-end systems and reliable business processes, transformation is not possible.

Many insurers are still using aging, inflexible claim and policy systems to run their core business processes causing weak performances and high operational costs. The renewal of the claim managing system with a best-of-breed solution as Guidewire ClaimCenter is the required action to overrun these limitations.”
Umberto Zanchi Insurance Client Unit Director

Why choose GFT

The sector specialist

GFT is the sector specialist for the delivery of IT solutions for the insurance claims sector. With over 50 specialists trained in Guidewire products GFT is playing a pivotal role in key projects in Italy, Brazil, the UK and South Africa.

Knowing insurance companies’ needs

Combining technological expertise and seamless project management with a detailed understanding of the insurance industry, GFT has become a reliable partner to some of the world’s most important and successful insurance companies.

A global player

GFT stands for technological expertise, innovative strength and outstanding quality for over 25 years. Our global team works with the world’s leading financial services institutions to fuel transformation in their business.

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