Mobile development, multichannel, omnichannel, call centres, interactive voice response systems, social networks, collaboration platforms – the list of new realities that insurers must deal with are extensive. This forces them to rethink their business model to include this digital evolution, which is transforming product distribution, improving after-sales service and facilitating transactions with partners. It is an increasingly important driver of growth that can significantly lower organizations’ operating costs.

At GFT, digital transformation is one of our specialties. We are experts in designing and implementing major initiatives aiming to modernise insurance systems and integrate all digital channels into our clients’ business model.

Furthermore, based on each customer’s enterprise architecture and its associated business needs, GFT’s professionals design and implement pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions within constraints such as scope, budget, deadlines and capacity.

Why transform your business

Improve sales and marketing efficiency

Through responsive design solutions, that optimise the user experience on different devices and operating systems, underpinning their offerings with an integrated content management system

Digital transformation:

Modern customers want to interact with the company when it suits them, in an intuitive and engaging way, using their preferred device. This all depends on the specific situation and the process is not always linear.

Customer loyalty & minimal customer churn

Insurance companies can get closer to their customers by offering them personalised websites and solutions that are tailored to their end devices and specific needs.

Customer experience management continue to be a main focus of insurers as customers want to interact with the company when they want, in an intuitive and involving way. Our Digital channels services provide strategies and technical foundations to execute and deliver responsive, dynamic, user centered interactions.”
Umberto Zanchi Insurance Client Unit Director

Why choose GFT

The sector specialist

GFT is the sector specialist for reliable and innovative digital solutions for the insurance sector. Responsive web design, omni-channel consistency and personalised user interfaces are just some of the many key features offered by GFT solutions.

Knowledge of digital insurance needs

Combining technological expertise and digital design capabilities with a detailed understanding of the insurance industry, GFT has become a reliable partner to some of the world’s most important and successful insurance companies.

A global player

GFT stands for technological expertise, innovative strength and outstanding quality for over 25 years. Our global team works with the world’s leading financial services institutions to fuel transformation in their business.