GFT’s professionals are especially concerned about efficient business cases and IT project design and management, since inefficiencies in these areas often prevent value creation.

Through management-based approaches and recognised practices, we help our customers in the following areas:

IT process improvement:

  • ITIL-based IT management processes automation
  • ServiceNow solution deployment and integration

Mainframe optimisation:

  • Competency centre
  • Contextual analysis: maximum optimisation with minimal investment
  • Cost reduction and performance optimisation
  • Consolidated methodology to identify and resolve problems
  • Development of components to work with batch processing and CICS (24/7)

Integrated project portfolio management:

  • PMO processes, priority-setting, risk and resource management, project and program management, portfolio analysis
  • Financial management and project accounting
  • Integration into interfaces, connections and overlaps with SAP, Jira and Function Point models
  • Internal and external staff management

Why transform your business

Cost reduction

1. Operating costs in a variety of areas (including license and maintenance costs) using productivity tools.

2. Personnel costs by reducing dependence on technical staff.

Ease of data integration

IT efficiency includes the conversion of obsolete data storage systems into relational databases. This makes it possible to access data using SQL, instantly facilitating data integration.

Improving systems performance is easy

Performance can be improved by making use of the many open platform options now available.

All the mainframes are similar, but every downsizing is different due to the different options selected. The deep experience that GFT has in mainframe downsizing makes a project easier and helps in reducing the cost of the project achieving a faster return of the Investment.”
Fabrizio Di Peppo Delivery Manager

Why choose GFT

Competence centre

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the optimisation of mainframe projects and environment analysis, GFT empowers its customers to gain maximum benefits with minimum investment – on every single project.

Our experts work with your experts

GFT provides people with the experience and skills to enable IT to automate processes using ServiceNow. This ranges from project management to analysis of processes, roles, prototyping, product configuration and integration into other systems (SAP).

Fixed price projects

At GFT, we focus on delivering turnkey solutions, covering all phases of the project from assessment to design, execution, testing and support.

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