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The challenge

Achieve a “zero back office” customer onboarding process

  • Execute everything digitally except for manual processes required by regulatory authorities
  • Mitigate operational risk and errors by minimising manual tasks, especially for data entry
  • Design an end-to-end device-friendly digital customer journey
  • Be prepared to explore new technologies like cognitive processing and AI
  • Drive continuous process improvement through a monitoring and innovation cycle
  • Force multi-source information integration and ban information silos

The engagement

Design and development of a new mobile app

  • We combined our deep expertise on the banking sector, plus recognised know-how on IBM middleware products
  • Created an end-to-end solution built on top of IBM Middleware that would help the bank to accelerate project deliverables while maintaining the required flexibility to deal with new customer demands for digital banking services
  • Produced omnichannel digital interactions available to prospects: by using either a mobile app or a web site, the prospective customer sends all data, documents and images requested to open an account

The benefit

The world’s first 100% digital process for account opening

  • The zero back office goal has been fully achieved. The digital onboarding process meets all central bank and other mandatory requirements, while ensuring the account opening process is completed in less than 20 minutes
  • Great customer reception. Within a year of the launch, the bank has signed up almost a quarter of a million personal digital banking clients
  • For this project, GFT has received the prestigious ‘Overall Winner’ award in 2017 IDC Fintech Rankings: Real Results, by IDC Financial Insights
Alessandro Buonopane

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Alessandro Buonopane

Executive Director