Mainframes and the applications they offer handle the core business systems and processes of every organisation, accounting for 30 to 40 per cent of total IT expenditures. This was the motivation for a CIO to maximum systems optimisation for a minimum investment – a goal GFT can relate to! For this leading insurance company in Italy, GFT reduced its batch time window by more than 175 hours per day, proposing more than 23 potential improvements.

Reduce the batch time window so processes are complete by 8am

  • The customer was having problems with its batch window, mainly due to batch processes causing long elapse times
  • In addition, the batch architecture was not designed to run 24x7
  • The customer needed to close batch processes at 8am to start online activity

Identifiy areas of improvement in application codes and hardware

  • The project lasted 14 weeks involving a team of 5 people working on different batch processes, spotting patterns and drafting functional documents
  • The GFT team focused on application code improvements as well as hardware issues
  • Quick reporting of improvement areas, including alternative solution with a definition of installation patterns

Significant improvements in batch processing time

  • Significant batch improvements with a major reduction in elapsed time consumption
  • Consumption reduction of more than 175 hours (per day)
  • 23 opportunities to make improvements; two functional documents provided
  • GFT suggested that the company should continue with its optimisation initiative by introducing Batch 24x7 architecture and a QA application with automated control

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