Cloud – accelerate your journey
Cloud – accelerate your journey
  • Migrating Murex MX.3: Delivering cloud execution excellence

Migrating Murex MX.3: Delivering cloud execution excellence

Start your business journey and enable enterprise-wide cloud fluency with migration to Murex MX.3 with GFT.


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    Begin your journey with GFT now to ensure Murex MX.3 is successfully run in the cloud, allowing faster innovation and agility in the development of new products, services and business operations.

  • Murex with AWS

    At GFT, we provide a clear cloud framework journey roadmap and built best practices for deployment in close partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Find out more now!

What are the benefits of migrating to Murex MX.3?


High Performance Computing

Fast deployment

Reduced cost

Development environments

Effective implementation

Good Infrastructure sizing

What makes GFT different?

Experienced team

Strategic client relationships

Strong vendor relationships

Reduced risk

Perfect fit

Cloud – expand your horizons

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Because not everyone has the same starting point, walk your cloud transformation path at your own pace and make sure you have an experienced guide by your side.
Want to migrate to the cloud fast?

We are familiar with cloud adoption frameworks from the leading cloud service providers

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