Embrace change. Transform now.

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Technology, regulation and competition are reshaping global banking and will redefine what it means to be a bank. Discover what you need to succeed in a digital future.

New customer experience
Aligning costs with success
Let data drive decisions
Use opportunities
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Accomplish your vision

Global banking has entered a new age. New digital banks are appearing everywhere, and technology is fundamental to success. Every bank must disrupt or face disruption.

The banking sector specialist
Technical knowledge
A global player with a local presence
Alpesh Tailor
Group Head of Banking Solutions and Cloud
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Everest Group: GFT is “Major Contender”

Innovation – we bring ideas to life
Innovation is tough. You want to deliver radical change fast – but you’re constrained by legacy technology, regulation and the complexity of your own organization?

Your challenges

Our services

Need to future-proof your business?
We will help you bridge the divide between legacy and digital tech and build a future that thrives on change.
Infrastructure and application management
Want to boost efficiency and focus on your core business?
We can take on the job of running part of your technology and manage it efficiently, according to agreed SLAs.
Want to implement a service or solution but lack the knowhow or capacity?
We can optimize your solution for a production environment and help you deploy on premises, in the cloud or hybrid.
Looking for insight or inspiration? We’ll get you up to speed on industry hot topics and empower you with the right technologies to respond.
Innovation and ideation
Want to do new things or do things differently?
We will help bring your great ideas to life and make them part of your brand and competitive advantage.
Want to run your business profitably and avoid speculative IT investment?
We’ll run our solution (or your solution) in the cloud and you can pay as you go.
Michael Egan
Client Unit Director GFT US