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Long-term energy cost savings
For ZF Friedrichshafen the investment in intelligent, autonomous peak load management paid for itself within 18 months and brings them one-step closer to their sustainability goals.
30% productivity enhancement
Smart factory raises productivity by 30% at GS Metaal<br/>
Smart factory raises productivity by 30% at GS Metaal
The smart factory solution for GS Metaal significantly reduced throughput times and improved productivity through transparency.
Real-time transparency on the shopfloor
For Schinko, monitoring the production status in real time provided the team with instant transparency regarding target and actual order processing times. This has made it possible to improve planning continuously and create more accurate key performance indicators.
Technology | sphinx open online
Our key to digital value creation
sphinx open online is the foundation for IoT applications. It integrates the product lifecycle with the factory lifecycle and enables data-driven solutions that drive your business forward.
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Looking for insight or inspiration? We’ll get you up to speed on industry hot topics and empower you with the right technologies to respond.
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Infrastructure and application management
Want to boost efficiency and focus on your core business?
We can take on the job of running part of your technology and manage it efficiently, according to agreed SLAs.
Want to run your business profitably and avoid speculative IT investment?
We’ll run our solution (or your solution) in the cloud and you can pay as you go.
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