• GFT & Google M1 Driving Experience

GFT & Google M1 Driving Experience

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Please join us during Kubecon at the GFT & Google M1 Driving Experience, an exclusive event featuring a race car driving Lead Follow experience on the Champion Motor Speedway Performance Track. This is one of the most exciting driving activities at M1. Guests will be allowed to drive performance vehicles on the full 1.5-Mile road course and learn the fundamentals of high-performance driving under the guidance of M1 professional driving instructors.

In addition, Guests will also be able to perform Autocross in the Arena with M1 Concourse Performance Fleet vehicles. Autocross is a timed driving experience that runs through a competitive cone-outlined course. Participants will enjoy the element of competition while providing a driving activity for those waiting to drive on the full road Lead Follow course. After the driving activities, a hosted food and beverage event will take place to close out the evening.
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Oct. 25 - Tuesday

4:00 pm – 8:00pm

45324 Woodward Ave, Pontiac, MI - Gate 1


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