Jeremy Taylor article on ‘The New Normal’ featured by Securities Lending Times


The Securities Lending Times have featured an article by Jeremy Taylor (Head of Business Consulting UK GFT) entitled 'The New Normal' – living with continuous regulatory change in the financial markets’ in their ‘A focus on regulation’ monthly segment. Jeremy argues that we are now in ‘The New Normal’ where regulatory change is now becoming, more regular, more concurrent, and more extensive.

Jeremy states that “Banks are facing an endless flow of regulation with little prospect of this decreasing in the near future. As regulation becomes more prevalent and widespread, banks are likely to find this over-bearing new world of regulation even more oppressive in the future. The crisis of 2008 was so profound and its effects so far reaching, that regulators are determined to ensure that such mistakes will not be repeated again.”

Jeremy also believes “The next challenge for banks is to continue implementing solutions that will allow them to not only survive in this regulatory environment, but actively prosper and allow their attention to return back towards growth.”