We help define the value proposition and enhance the user experience through touch points, involving all key stakeholders in the generation of ideas in order to design new products or services.

By paving the way for an innovative and creative problem-solving process (fact-finding, challenge mapping, concept development and selection of the value proposition), we work together to develop and evaluate ideas that are effective and will work.

Once this initial process has finished, the priority is to draft a design brief, capturing the content and functionality of the new product or service.

Why transform your business

Gaining meaningful insights

Bringing together people from different institutions and getting them to think together is an effective way to boost creativity.Thinking together helps adapt and develop ideas step by step in a collaborative process of creation.

Companies need to innovate, remain competitive and safeguard the profitability of future business in a world characterized by fast-moving technology and a changing legislative landscape. Successful innovation requires teamwork.
It involves working alongside clients, service providers and partners to explore future business opportunities in all areas of financial services.
Josep Maria Díaz Technology Executive Director

Why choose GFT

Evolution, transformation and disruption

Our passion for new technology, devices and market changes translates directly into new developments, allowing us to contribute to the market with pioneering products.

Enriching ideas with holistic approach

We offer the chance to work on an innovative project from start to finish showing how your challenge evolves into an idea and how this idea grows into a tangible reality.

Multinational but only financial-focus

We leverage on the expertise provided by specialists from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and market segments to create a “multi-disciplinary insight”.