European research and innovation (R&I) projects are an excellent framework for GFT to integrate innovation management . We do this by using internal and external resources through projects and partnerships. GFT’s goal with European R&I projects is to create new value through innovation, starting with innovative ideas to develop a sellable (new or improved) product or service based on innovative technologies and techniques.

Taking into account the GFT corporate strategy and marketing, the R&I team is working on new ideas for project proposals, identifying potential partners and funding opportunities. GFT often play the role of project coordinator in large European consortia, managing the whole life cycle of R&I projects.

The key thrusts of GFT’s innovation strategy with R&I projects are

  • big data
  • technology related to the internet of things
  • major projects with a focus on smart cities.

Why transform your business

Innovation strategy

It is fundamental for companies to keep technology and services moving forward. A strategic vision of innovation must include investment in research and development as well as fundraising activities.

Competitive advantage

Companies must define an internal strategy for R&I projects in order to outperform competitors. Technology transfer activities lay the foundations for new products and services.

Knowledge development

A basis for the internal growth of companies and the development of new fields of business. R&I projects are a driver of knowledge development, unveiling new ideas and collaborate with research centres and innovation partners.

GFT takes part to European projects in international consortiums with a dedicated structure for the preparation and realization of international projects financed by the European Commission, also for collecting the differents funding opportunities that allow cost development reduction.”
Maurizio Ferraris Senior Manager
Maurizio Ferraris

Why choose GFT

Innovation strategy

GFT’s R&I team has a wealth of experience in methodologies and best practices relating to innovation strategy development. GFT experts integrate the company strategy with European research, innovation trends and promising initiatives.

Competitive advantage

GFT collaborate with customers in technology transfer activities, supporting the transition from R&I projects to prototypes and new market products that are ready for market entry.

Competent and international

GFT are a strong partner in knowledge development: the R&I team works in collaboration with research centres and European innovation consortia with the aim of developing skills and know-how across a variety of technologies and markets.