Open Banking – are you ready?

Open Banking is here and is fast becoming a reality for financial services organizations that want to stay competitive in terms of innovation and customer offerings. But what are the practical aspects that organizations need to consider as they prepare to seize the opportunities presented to them within the Open Banking environment?

Open banking - are you ready?

Our initial advice to any organization looking to move into this new area is to gain the appropriate level of knowledge and insight and seek an understanding of the wider context of what open banking really means. It may sound obvious, but do your research, scan the market, get a good sense of the current situation, and look for examples of best practice, best experience and a capable senior sponsor. If firms do all of these things professionally, they will already be headed in the right direction.

This is uncharted territory for banks and because it is so new, firms need to embrace and foster more of an entrepreneurial spirit as they seek to exploit the full value of the open banking revolution. We can already  determine three key building blocks for financial services as firms begin to construct their open banking strategies. In order of importance, we believe the key factors are: culture, technology and monetization.

Christian Ball

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