Operational open banking

So far, many banks seem to have treated open banking as a regulatory compliance issue. While it is that, viewing open banking as simply a regulatory issue greatly underestimates its enormous potential to transform the industry and to change how banks interact with customers and third parties. Although it is still early days, open banking will certainly redefine what it means to be a bank. In this paper, we revisit the fundamental drivers of open (...)

The world is embracing open banking

Why? In some countries open banking is driven by legislation – such as PSD2 with mandatory deliverables and deadlines. In other countries progress is slower and propelled by a convergence of factors, including changing consumer behaviour and technical innovation. However, as the monetary benefits of open banking become clearer, the global move towards open banking will accelerate.

Banks that will derive real value from open banking will be those that think ‘outside the branch’ and become more entrepreneurial and responsive. The real opportunity is not merely to renovate the existing bank and simply take on some characteristics of the emerging challengers, but to fundamentally revisit the banking business model.

The successful banks of the future will be those that aim for a transformed future state enabled by open banking, where the entire organisation is mobilised around customer orchestration and servicing the personal financial needs of the customer, rather than an evolution of the current financial ‘product sales’ approach.

In this paper you can read more about successful open API implementations in banking and in other industries. These examples demonstrate that in all industries APIs have the ability to redefine the scope of a business and generate new revenues that would otherwise have been unattainable.

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