Cloud technologies becoming mainstream

Organisations across all sectors acknowledge cloud computing as the technology of the future. But research suggests that, even in the data-dependent capital markets, use of cloud is relatively low: fewer than 30% of core business applications run live in private cloud and around 5% run in public cloud.

In theory, moving to the cloud makes good business sense, but in practice it’s a daunting challenge that requires careful assessment, planning and engineering.

Many organisations wish to migrate to the cloud to achieve the benefits of scale and cost savings. While these are valid aims, a successful cloud migration should also empower an organisation to do new things that show a quantifiable ROI.


Why cloud engineering

Build new customer propositions

Harness the power of customer data to build customer-centric propositions that meet evolving customer needs and build loyalty. Make decisions in real time to stay ahead of the competition.

Locate you engineers where you need them most

Being able to access your systems from anywhere and any time means you can locate you engineers where they are most productive. Cloud also encourages collaboration, teamwork and transparency.

Respond to change

Move your applications to the cloud to accelerate development and keep them relevant and compliant. Research suggests that over 70% of investment banks wish to re-engineer applications to run in the cloud.

After some initial concerns about regulation and security, the capital markets are beginning to realise the strategic benefits of the cloud. Over time the discussion has moved from how to move to the cloud towards the unique business opportunities that are available once the journey is complete.”
Andrew Rossiter Head of Technology Services
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Why choose GFT as strategic partner

An in-depth knowledge of the capital markets

GFT has unique cloud engineering experience. We can help you design a cloud engineering strategy that is closely aligned to your business objectives.

Real production experience

We’ve helped many world-class banks migrate to the cloud and can help you establish the right strategy: lift and shift, re-engineer or cloud native. Benefit from an approach that reflects your business goals and the regulatory environment.

Partnerships with major cloud computing providers

GFT can help you leverage the power of the cloud or run a hybrid solution. We have successful partnerships with Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Pivotal.

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