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Artificial intelligence and big data are transforming the way business is done. Firms across all sectors are discovering new ways to derive business value from their data and analytics. Data can be automatically collected, combined and analysed to gain new insights that can be used to offer better customer journeys based on insight. Every customer interaction can contribute to product design and strategy.

In parallel, robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA) promise to automate many business processes, eliminate repetitive tasks and boost business efficiency. Over time, multiple robots can become a virtual workforce that frees humans to do more value-added work.

From a customer’s perspective, these new technologies combine to:

  • Make things faster
  • Make things better
  • Make unique things

Many firms are already harnessing the power of technology to offer a richer customer experience. But others have yet to begin. Getting stated is never easier but it’s a lot easier with expert help. GFT has unique practical experience of working with these new technologies and has helped many firms deploy solutions that deliver sustainable business benefits.

Why automation

Move to real-time big data processing

By harnessing the power of real-time processing you can do things faster and more accurately.

Accelerate your journey towards AI

As data volumes outstrip traditional processing capabilities, new technologies, such as RPA and IPA can help firms find real value in their data and align their products more closely with customer needs.

Shape your business around your data

With real-time analytics you can identify patterns and optimise business processes to deliver products that customers want, where and when they need them.

Technology has become a critical determiner of business success. With new technologies – such RPA and IPA - firms can enjoy a step-change improvement in automation to improve business processes and customer journeys.”
Ignasi Barri Vilardell Director of digital strategy, Global business development
Ignasi Barri

Why choose GFT as strategic partner

A holistic view of your data pipeline

As organisations in all sectors ingest, store and manage a bewildering volume of data, traditional processing capabilities simply cannot cope. GFT has unique expertise that can help you maximise the value of your data pipeline.

A track record of success

We’ve helped many of the world’s top financial institutions adopt a new approach to business process management based on automation. GFT has worked with leading- edge technologies – such as RPA and IPA – since their inception.

The right experts in the right locations

GFT has relatively flat organisational structure with experts in many locations. We have a collaborative global delivery model so all of our clients benefit from our collective business knowledge and technical expertise.

Ignasi Barri

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Ignasi Barri Vilardell

Director of digital strategy, Global business development