Since the financial crisis of 2007/2008, new regulations, laws and directives are being introduced throughout the world with the aim of fostering a greater degree of transparency, fairness and professionalism within the financial industry. The formidable task of complying with these far-reaching initiatives – while maintaining the profitability of affected business lines – is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today.

GFT’s legal, regulatory and compliance practice works alongside the world’s leading financial institutions to  develop and implement strategic, proactive and sustainable compliance solutions with the flexibility to accommodate future demands. Our unique approach follows proven methodologies that not only ensure compliance with the latest regulations, but also go the extra mile and capitalise on the opportunities presented by each engagement.

For us, this means partnering with our clients to grow revenue, improve efficiency, reduce costs and remove complexity. 

Why transform your business

Long regulatory change cycle

The banking industry is at the beginning of a long regulatory change cycle marked by three key characteristics: it is structural, global and well coordinated.

Banks and other firms must be compliant

In short, banks and investment service providers should ensure that regulatory change management becomes standard business practice. Failing to do so will result in lost opportunities and, potentially, hefty fines.

Firms need to be forward-looking

Reactive approaches don’t work. Being proactive saves time, helping firms avoid costly mistakes with streamlined regulatory change processes matched to business and strategic needs. This also ensures opportunities and threats are detected early.

Based on our deep understanding of regulatory and compliance requirements and their impacts on organisational and IT set-ups, we implement solutions that do not only meet current requirements but prepare our clients to respond to future challenges."

Andreas Bongers, Executive Consultant

Why choose GFT

Successful track record

Implementation initiatives require cross-functional expertise in business, regulatory and IT domains.
Focussing purely on regulatory or technical aspects can result in technically correct results, but they may also be far from optimal.

Technical and strategic

Our technology and business consulting unit offers a team of senior professionals with cross-functional experience in the business, regulatory and IT domains, each with their own set of industry-specific proprietary methodologies and solutions.

In an innovative world of business

Delivering solutions for complex IT and business requirements to top tier banks on three continents through over 500 specialists.

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Global Regulatory Bodies

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