"No. 1 resource for the manufacturing industry will be data instead of oil.”
Jack Ma, Alibaba

Manufacturing companies are increasingly joining Telcos, Banks and retailers to the digital world – cross-linking physical and cyber world. The “Internet of Things” (IoT) opens the gate to a flood of new data, which needs to be professionally collected, condensed and made available. The current industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0” is turning those into new insights and new business models. It is generating benefits exactly from the bridge between physical and virtual layers – and the vital connecting element here is professional IT knowledge and experience.

We know how to do software projects

GFT has been around for more than 30 years, focused on financial services. Always based on sound technology expertise, dealing with high data volumes, business critical environments, regulations, open interfaces and security concepts, ramping up Software projects and teams, delivering them globally, onsite and nearshore.

We transfer business requirements into functional and technical specifications or backlogs, then propose the appropriate methodology, be it classical “waterfall”, “V-model” or “agile”. When design and IT-architectures are decided, the project is staffed and professionally run within the agreed framework.

Engagements with industrial clients

  • Automotive services
    Ramp up and operation of nearshore software team in Spain. Developing business services and applications for Consumers and Business Partners like repair calculation, claims management and cost prediction.
  • Postal services
    Software development and maintenance of business critical frontend platform. Applications are managed for all branch offices and for all drop boxes countrywide.
  • Mechanical engineering
    Ramp up and operation of ring-fenced professional services unit in Spain with enhanced time2market, extend capacity and documented processes.
  • Automotive supplier
    Definition and ramp up of innovation management, project management office and process consulting.

Technologies enabling new business ideas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps companies to leapfrog to process efficiency whilst serving their customers better as ever before.

The journey starts with all types of data which are analyzed and evaluated. Powerful algorithms allow systems to augment what people do - repetitive tasks are automated and directly performed by machines. This frees up employees to focus on value-added work. Furthermore, AI reveals and generates insights that boost customer experience to a new level. Vast quantities of data are turned into powerful business information, used to find the best action in real-time or predict upcoming events and e.g. prevent failures. Via machine learning systems are “self-optimizing” and able to react and adapt to changing environments.

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Blockchain, or better “Distributed ledger technology” (DLT), has the potential to boost efficiency and transform the delivery of services across many industries. It transforms the way data is stored, managed and exchanged, while increasing interoperability and security. Unlike traditional centralized ledgers, distributed ledgers use multiple copies of the same database stored on independent computers (nodes). All updates are performed independently and algorithm achieves consensus. The ledger is always up to date and an identical copy is stored on each node.

DLT is the choice if transparency and integrity of products and services are key, like verified supply chains of original spare parts. Orcutting down time and cost by eliminating intermediaries (brokers) from business processes.

GFT works with leading platforms like Corda and Quorum.

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Cloud computing is more than a change in technology. It is less expensive, highly secure, scalable and flexible in any direction. But first of all it is a fantastic opportunity to transform the way you deliver business value to your stakeholders. 

We have the technology expertise to deliver a bespoke approach to the cloud that truly reflects your strategy: Plan migrations, migrate existing applications and build innovative native cloud solutions. All of that with the leading vendors like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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Once the relevant new and existing data is recorded, consolidated and stored, data analytics is the key to capitalize on the value of those data and transform it into insightful information. Companies can boost revenue, improve operational efficiency and are more agile and responsive to new business opportunities. In reality, this can be pure documentation, predictive planning or real-time interaction with machines and other systems.

By even building a service platform, the data sets and insights may be exchanged with customers or other providers. This opens up an eco-system that benefits all participants by leading to new revenue streams and facilitating business.

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How we can support you on your way

Software experts

Work with a specialist or an entire team from our 5500 global IT-professionals – onsite or nearshore from one of our SW development centers.

IoT platforms

Have a quick start now which is even completely future-proof: Implement an IoT platform like Adamos or Cumulocity and get a modern setup you can build on, capitalizing on our partnership with Software AG.

Excited? If you have more ideas on how GFT’s expertise may help you innovating your business – don’t hesitate to contact us!