IoT platforms are a vital foundation for the internet of things. Unlike monolithic (“packaged”) applications in the past, an IoT platform is a real platform. Means, it comes with a basic setup and a variety of options and possibilities. Thus you can be sure to take off rather quickly and with limited resources, but still have all the freedom to successively add what add value to your business.

The cloud-based Cumulocity IoT platform connects most diverse machines or devices. Either mutually or with the Internet. Devices of any kind can be registered and comprehensively managed remotely. The generated data is used for control and monitoring purposes, but the greater benefits arise by developing new, cloud-based IoT services using integration, business process, analytical and machine learning capabilities.

  • Agile and fast ramp-up using pre-configured IoT solutions
  • Scalable platform from pilots to ambitious use cases
  • Independent by supporting multi-cloud and multi-vendor strategies
  • Flexible by providing cloud, on premise, hybrid or edge setups

Generating business value

Sound IT knowledge and experience in ramping up platform projects and software development teams are vital. Given the acute shortage of professional IT experts and the inefficiency to independently set up and operate complex IT platforms, GFT is the perfect partner to talk to.

How we can support you on your way

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