Standardised credit risk processes for faster and better-informed decisions

Secure risk management processes are becoming more relevant to bank stakeholders. Scalable, cost- and time-efficient risk processes are therefore a key operational challenge for every CIO in the financial services sector. At this tier 1 investment bank, GFT established standardised processes across the entire credit risk department, significantly reducing data duplication.

The challenge

Inefficient credit risk management process

  • The Credit Risk department struggled with its credit risk management process as it was considered inefficient and slow
  • Senior influencers had long been demanding a change, requiring a multiyear programme designed to solve inconsistent limit management and the difficulties in understanding their clients, including their creditworthiness

The engagement

Future state vision

  • GFT’s UX team worked with business consultants, stakeholders and users, engaging in workshops, interviews and research to provide a future state vision of the required system
  • A just in time design delivery process was created to provide the bank’s development team with features that fit within the model of the application
  • Production of common artefacts including the feature map, user journeys and user stories

The benefit

Standardisation of credit risk processes

  • Standardisation of processes and terminology across the Credit Risk department and all business lines
  • Reduced data duplication, enabling faster, more efficient and informed decisions
  • A framework to be used for analysis, design and an increased knowledge of credit risk
Andrew Rossiter

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Andrew Rossiter

Head of Technology Services