The art and science of mainframe cost optimisation

As bank IT infrastructures and budgets come under increasing pressure, cost reduction continues to top the industry agenda. Operations managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by 10 to 20 per cent annually. Meanwhile, the cost of IT operations increases by 5 to 10 per cent each year. Within three weeks, GFT significantly reduced CPU usage and identified seven improvement opportunities for this Italian financial institution.

The challenge

Reduce mainframe consumption

  • Focus on four specific batch processes, unveiling optimisation opportunities that would lower mainframe consumption
  • Ensure faster processing time for greater availability and reduced costs
  •  Analyse one standard pattern through the complete installation 

The engagement

Mainframe optimisation service with proactive controls

  • Three weeks of mainframe optimisation engagement with a team of 1.3 FTEs
  • Focus on application code improvements
  • Quick reporting of improvement areas including alternative solutions and definition of installation patterns

The benefit

Greater systems availability and reduced mainframe costs

  • Significant online and batch improvements with a major reduction in CPU usage
  • Seven improvement opportunities identified
  • Prevention of issues associated with mainframe availability, performance and cost due to lack of optimisation
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Enrique Pérez Fernandez

Senior Manager