• Business continuity in COVID-19 times

Business continuity in COVID-19 times

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The coronavirus pandemic delivered an unprecedented blow to businesses. Fortunately, GFT was well prepared. With digital first as part of our DNA we were able to transfer about 6,000 employees to home working without delay. Although this has meant a major transformation in the way we work, GFT remains open for business while our offices are closed. With all core applications on the cloud, our systems and people are operating as normal. GFT teams have delivered several mission-critical projects with all members working remotely. We believe this confirms that our approach is sound and would like others to learn from our experience.
Business continuity in Covid-19 times at GFT<br/>
Business continuity in Covid-19 times at GFT

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GFT Technologies SE is driving the digital transformation of the world’s leading companies. With strong consulting and development skills across all aspects of pioneering technologies, GFT’s clients gain faster access to new IT applications and business models. Founded in 1987, GFT employs over 7,000 experts in more than 15 markets.



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Delivering as normal in a time of great difficulty

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    Business continuity in COVID-19 times at GFT

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