Retail banking

Remember when banking was a stable business?
That was yesterday.

Today your bank faces disruption from every angle.

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Want to launch a digital bank?
BankLiteX - The digital bank of tomorrow. Here today.
BankLiteX - The digital bank of tomorrow. Here today.
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Success stories

Revolutionising personal banking
Revolutionising personal banking
Revolutionising personal banking
GFT and Mox deliver a cutting-edge mobile bank in 18 months. Mox is an app-based bank that makes managing money simpler and intuitive, by empowering customers with financial knowledge and providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their banking services and lifestyle rewards.
DekaBank replatforms with GFT
DekaBank replatforms with GFT<br/>
DekaBank replatforms with GFT
GFT is modernising DekaBank's Cobol-based host application by re-platforming it onto a modern, cloud-enabled infrastructure and enabling the benefits of modern technologies, environments and architectures.

The 3 pillars of retail banking success

Customer expectations, technology and regulations redefine retail banking. How will you adapt?
In the new age of collaboration you need to partner for success.

Modernise your mainframe
Open up to open banking
Launch a virtual bank
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Alpesh Tailor
Group Head of Banking Solutions and Cloud