“In my case Caring means assisting our employees in their GFT journey and being there for them in case of questions or doubts to ensure that they feel as welcomed and happy at GFT as possible. For me, “CARING” is building trust. Moreover, at GFT Caring means a continuous change to improve the wellbeing of all employees.”



“Being committed is to always deliver on my promise. To provide a safety net to my colleagues, teammates and peers – that I can be consistently and without failure counted on, no matter the circumstances. In the era of mobile apps, reminders on your laptop, tablet, phone and watch I found that maintaining an electronic calendar containing all my TODOs allows me to efficiently plan ahead and always deliver on my promises.”



“To me, being courageous means taking on challenging tasks and always searching for new solutions in an optimistic and creative way. In my role, I want to get my colleagues enthusiastic about our clients’ challenges. I’m always optimistic and positive, and I try to infect my colleagues with it so that together we can convince the client with great performance and offerings. But being courageous to me also means being able to deal with defeat and cancellations and still remain motivated.”



"Collaborative means in first instance an integration of different words, different concepts like union, strengths, efforts, talents and competencies that allow to achieve the defined goals and objectives. For this you must have firm confidence and affection to GFT. To achieve this commitment, I seek the union of the team, either inside or outside the organization, always playing a collaborate role by myself to the accomplishment of the tasks with focus to achieve the goals and purposes."



“When facing a situation like a challenge, a task or simply an idea, imagination begins to selfbrainstorm. For me creativity is the ability to connect these ideas created in this chaos and thus come up with a solution that will produce results. I believe this is the best way to use this value every day.”