Connecting – Digital bridges: GFT publishes Annual Report 2018

Connecting – Digital bridges: GFT publishes Annual Report 2018

Stuttgart – Driven by the momentum of technological progress, companies across all sectors are currently asking themselves: How can you ensure the success of a digital transformation process? Key factors are speed, efficiency and flexibility. But above all, it is about making connections that are stable and unlock new potential. GFT creates these connections. The technology company builds digital bridges and provides its clients with a secure and successful transition into the future.

In 2018, GFT forged new alliances, expanded its network, built bridges between continents and tapped the huge potential of new technologies for clients. And strengthened its position as a cross-sector partner for digitalisation solutions.

GFT´s Annual Report 2018, which has been published today, describes the digital transformation at banks, insurance companies and in the industrial sector, as well as GFT projects and cooperations. Besides, it offers extensive information about the business development of the company and the key financial figures.

The online version is available for download at The Annual Report 2018 is also available in German.

In order to create measurable added value, we need to build digital bridges that will facilitate a successful transition between the present and the future. This is the role of GFT.”
Marika Lulay CEO of GFT Technologies SE
Marika Lulay