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Mass-market uptake of mobile payment services seems to have been ‘just around the corner” for 20 years. But with the inclusion of Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology in Apple’s iPhone 6, a watershed may finally been reached. As a retail bank, it’s still not too late to launch or scale up your mobile payments offering and build the partnerships that will increase your chances of success.

But the window of opportunity to gain early-mover advantage won’t be open much longer. Speed to market, alongside convenience and security, are key strategic success factors. And GFT is perfectly positioned to help you optimise your mobile payments offering in all of these areas and more. 

Why transform your business

Retain customers

Lower customer churn and higher market share through ease of use and integration of payments with other services.

Customer value

Retail banks can offer customers a convenient, easy-to-use application, backed up by credible, hassle-free security measures that foster trust. They will be ideally positioned to drive rapid, large-scale uptake of their mobile payment offering.

Security and compliance

The regulation of mobile payment services is still evolving. Global standards have yet to be defined and implemented. GFT has worked closely with the European Central Bank to create mobile payment services that comply with its current requirements.

The digital revolution is changing market conditions at breakneck speed, especially for financial services providers who have just started innovation. One of the most important aspects of this ongoing change is to redefine and adapt business models for the new payment systems through an omnichannel strategy.”
Carlo Secci Director
Carlo Secci

Why choose GFT

Speed to market

GFT has already completed much of the backend development work required to launch your mobile payments offering, enabling you to start building your user base faster.

User convenience

User interface design is of paramount importance. GFT uses their customer experience labs to learn how people want to use mobile payment services. As a result, by the time you launch your service, you already know your customers will love it.

Transaction security

GFT has all the necessary experience in biometrics, cryptography and authorisation and authentication processes to ensure your customers, their data and their funds are comprehensively protected.