The challenge

Automate testing to reduce the test lifecycle, improve quality and address capacity issues at a large European regional state bank

  • Automate the regression test pack of Fusion Loan IQ containing 120 test cases using RPA
  • Design and build a scalable solution without hardcoding of coordinates or time limits
  • Ensure the solution would run on a Citrix environment and be easily maintainable

The engagement

Fully managed project including Advisory (discovery, process selection and tool selection) and Automation (development, testing and deployment), completed in just 7 months

  • GFT offered a niche mix of expertise in the areas of Loan IQ consulting and Robotic process automation capabilities
  • UiPath was the RPA tool chosen after the discovery workshop to perform the automation based on the proof of concept (python as an open source tool was the other choice) and its alignment to the IT strategy of the bank
  • The team consisted of 2 functional analysts, 4 automation engineers and 1 quality analyst (all of whom were UiPath certified)
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) was used as the approach
  • Agile methodology was used and biweekly demos of the developed test cases were conducted

The benefit

Shortened testing lifecycle resulting in increased productivity and significant cost savings

  • The bank now has a more maintainable and scalable solution for performing regression testing
  • 100% of the test steps agreed in the scope were automated using UiPath
  • 5.4 productivity increase for the given scenario (manual vs automated test case)
  • Shortened regression test lifecycle, from 5 weeks to 1 week
  • The solution helped the bank realise significant cost savings
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