Re-engineer a trade surveillance platform for performance and scalability

  • Develop state-of-the-art trade surveillance platform, meeting scale, performance, on-boarding and implementation requirements
  • Ingest incoming trade, market and reference data from disparate different sources in wide range of formats and delivery protocols
  • Remove batch processing to real-time while delivering aggregate and alert infrastructure and technology to generate alerts from pattern matching and aggregate calculations
  • Produce a flexible deployment design enabling cloud and on-premises target infrastructures, and provide scalability features to allow tuning for different volume requirements

Develop a high-performant and scalable solution

  • Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine was used to deploy the proposed architectures on different scales and shape of infrastructures; helping to test and benchmark the solution
  • A Cloud Load Balancer was used as a front-end access point so that end-user clients can easily control and limit the cost of the infrastructure using specific quotas
  • The Google Container Engine was used for running continuous integration and deployment worker nodes in the development tools environment
  • A Google Identity-Aware Proxy protected access to the development tools and reporting area, whilst GSuite provided the environment for all documentation, design, plans and collaboration tools

Efficiency and scale, with a future-proof system that can help drive growth

  • Utilising Google Cloud, we delivered a highly scalable, performant, robust environment for the development of this complex platform; the infrastructure-as-code approach enabled rapid deployment and testing of the solution on different sized virtual hardware scenarios
  • Identity-Aware Proxy simplifies the protection of the development environment, whilst still making it securely accessible from the internet
  • GSuite has worked very well as a productive collaboration tool for a global team from the client and within GFT distributed across many countries
  • The latest AI technology has been utilised to predict patterns in the captured data allowing for a standardised and efficient method of onboarding new customers

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