• The immutable green

The immutable green

Blockchain offers a powerful new approach to the challenges of the rapidly growing green bond market.
Green bonds management
Discover how a platform based on a powerful combination of blockchain, smart contracts, the internet of things, cloud technology and digital assets offers you the processes and mechanisms to install a powerful digital infrastructure.
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David Creer
Global DLT, Crypto and E-money Lead
Immutable truth across the entire life cycle
Ensuring that all parties use the same data in real time. This creates trust among investors and stakeholders as the origin of green data is guaranteed.
Real-time data visibility
A great volume of information is exchanged between parties during the bond lifecycle. The DLT platform streamlines and simplifies this arrangement and provides a ‘golden source of truth’ that simultaneously serves all parties.
Automated workflows
Increasing efficiency - bond issuance is a highly complex and time-consuming process that involves several phases. DLT streamlines and standardises all aspects of the bond issuance process.
Point of view
The immutable green - blockchain redefines green bonds management
Find out more about a new era of green investment, offering advanced automation, total transparency and a ground-breaking financial product for retail investors.
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David Creer
Global DLT, Crypto and E-money Lead