GFT Visual Inspection: Automate your manufacturing processes with AI.
GFT Visual Inspection: Automate your manufacturing processes with AI.
  • Visual Quality Inspection

Visual Quality Inspection

Automate your manufacturing processes with AI.
Improve quality, avoid reworks and rejects, and increase throughput in production.

Detect defects reliably and safeguard the highest quality standards

Our Visual Inspection solution is based on deep learning to safeguard the highest quality standards. Inspection processes are automated using AI and ML, not only to offer reliable detection of production defects, but also to help reduce rejects and avoid human error.

Using the very latest AI technology allows us to deliver ultimate accuracy and drastically accelerate implementation times based on pre-trained visual inspection models.
Automated visual inspection

Integration directly into your production process

Reduce rejects and minimise material costs

Secure the highest quality standards

Remove the burden on skilled workers

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AI-automated visual quality inspection

Case studies

Cake filling

Food manufacturer - AI predicts the amount of cream inside cakes by using thermal cameras.

Package labelling

Food manufacturer - AI reads label contents and compares to expected values

Bottle defects

Glass manufacturer - within milliseconds, AI spots defects in hot-end quality control

Weld seam

Automotive supplier - AI measures results of the welding process, reducing time taken from minutes to seconds.