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When expertise creates reality

Data visualisation platform

Data is often described as the new oil that lubricates the wheels of commerce and boosts innovation. Discover how this oil services company turned its data into gold, paved the way to greener production and saves an estimated $100 million over 4 years.
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Fraud Detection increases by 30%

Combining AI and advanced analytics to introduce dynamic Fraud Detection in the European insurance market. GFT re-engineered anti-fraud processes for an Italian insurance company and increased the rate of fraud detection by 30% and the performance in daily real-time reporting by 40%.
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The evolution of the modern data platform

New data capabilities and architectural methods are developing as we speak. Find out how the modern data platform is evolving and our current position in this field.
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Schinko boosts productivity by 20%

To improve in many areas and create transparency, Schinko's employees used to spend a lot of time collecting endless data. With comprehensive project support from GFT, the Austrian company has increased quality and production. All production areas at the enclosure manufacturer Schinko GmbH are being gradually connected to a fully integrated digital shop floor management system. This enables production transparency as well as prompt intervention when required – also automatically.
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ZF reduces energy costs with peak load management

Energy prices continue to rise and peak loads can quickly become a very expensive headache. For a company, exceeding contractually agreed base loads by just a single megawatt can drive up electricity costs by a six-figure number. With the IoT platform SPHINX OPEN introduced by ZF, the company leverages the benefits of autonomous peak load management, resulting in sustained reductions in energy costs.
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Generative AI

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is the next phase of the digital revolution. Learn more about Generative AI and discover how GFT can help you bring your AI strategy to life.
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