SPHINX OPEN – the logical digital twin platform engineered by GFT

The central data model for Industry 4.0 applications

Let’s get greener, smarter, faster by using the power of your real time data.






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Integrates data and delivers relevant information to the right people at the right time

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SPHINX OPEN architecture


The modern multi-layer architecture provides full IT and OT connectivity. Objects are managed event-driven and enable a central data model of operations. This can be enriched by individual web services and standardized cloud services.

Pre-built to grow with your needs

How SPHINX OPEN unleashes the power of data

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Discover how you can build sustainability into your business strategy with GFT energy management.

Real-time Condition Monitoring

Monitor, analyse and optimise your operations.
Blog articles

A recipe for the most reliable and efficient method of autonomous production conceivable

Some applications are so diminutive, you would be unlikely to think of labelling them AI as such. Or the inner workings are so difficult to comprehend, it would be far too risky letting them loose on complete production lines. How can we harness the might of machine learning in manufacturing, yet still stay on the safe side?

Energy efficiency – digital twin based data-models for enhanced sustainability in industry

Climate protection, resource efficiency, rising energy costs, new supply models and strict environmental regulations – energy is now a key competitive factor. Shifting to carbon neutrality in a competitive business environment requires a great deal of effort and a strong will to undergo transformation. It’s no mean challenge, but it’s also a major opportunity.