• Data management 2.0 with SPHINX OPEN

Data management 2.0 with SPHINX OPEN

Discover GFT's innovative solution for advanced data analysis and processing. Optimise your processes and secure a comprehensive database for AI applications.

Revolutionise your data management with SPHINX OPEN

SPHINX OPEN use cases

Digital twin

SPHINX OPEN supports the creation and utilisation of a digital twin by networking systems and making data available in real time. This improves transparency and efficiency in production, enables precise forecasts on the condition of products and systems and optimises processes from planning to production. In this way, SPHINX OPEN helps companies overcome technical and operational challenges and reap the benefits of digitalisation.

Digital Product Passport (DPP)

The Digital Product Passport ensures transparency and traceability along the entire value chain and connects various players and systems on a standardised platform – SPHINX OPEN. This promotes the flow of information and collaboration across different industries and sectors.

Asset Administration Shell (AAS)

The Asset Administration Shell enables automated integration of assets, improves data availability and transparency, and supports more efficient maintenance processes. AAS solves challenges such as heterogeneous assets, data silos and poor interoperability. SPHINX OPEN supports AAS by connecting systems and devices, collecting and analysing real-time data and thus optimising asset management.

IT & OT integration

SPHINX OPEN enables the integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), which is crucial for digitalisation and process automation in industry. This integration promotes improved data availability, process optimisation and the implementation of IoT applications. The benefits of this are increased security, data transparency and future-proofing for companies as well as a strong data base for use of artificial intelligence.

Hybrid cloud architectures

SPHINX OPEN links devices and systems at the edge, i.e. close to the production facilities. SPHINX OPEN also enables data processing and analysis in the cloud. This combination improves data collection in real time, promotes interoperability and enables comprehensive analysis, resulting in optimised operating processes and increased efficiency.

The data management platform for AI applications

SPHINX OPEN architecture

Seamless data integration – horizontally and vertically

SPHINX OPEN offers innovative solutions for complex business requirements. The platform connects data both horizontally and vertically. This seamless integration of data and systems maximises the transparency, efficiency and interoperability of your digital transformation.

Maximum data transparency with SPHINX OPEN

SPHINX OPEN eliminates planning uncertainty and allows important decisions to be made intelligently based on reliable data.