The challenge

Leverage artificial intelligence for improved customer care and convenience 

  • A major global insurance company identified customer convenience and customer care automation as areas in which artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies offered good potential for quick wins that would support its business model
  • The company required outside help to explore and review technologically feasible solutions and strategies, as well as to analyse which business processes were most amenable to leverage via AI technologies
  • The company lacked the skills to address the implementation, integration and knowledge transfer required to achieve their AI goals

The engagement

Expert technology consultancy covering ideation, exploration and integration phases 

  • Ideation process to identify a suitable use case to demonstrate AI benefits. In this case, the decision was taken to design a chatbot for customer care service
  • Exploration of the technology options available: front-end and communication channel implementation,  chatbot personality and user experience modelling, Natural Language Understanding engine selection, and chatbot dialog platform
  • Integration of chatbot with the organisation’s knowledgebase (structured and unstructured),  workflows, and processes

The benefit

A clear strategy illustrating the value of AI for the organisation 

  • The consultancy work showed that the chatbot would be an ideal first project on which to effectively base an introduction of other Artificial Intelligence technologies within the company
  • Armed with a better understanding of the bigger AI picture, the company will be able to build a roadmap for the adoption of additional cognitive technologies in high-impact areas with measurable ROI
  • Knowledge transfer between GFT experts and the company ensures greater autonomy for future AI-related projects
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