70% reduction in time to market for new products

Greater customer satisfaction

Flexible and modular policies

Combine fully digital and customisable insurance policies with a great customer experience

  • A groundbreaking approach to insurance which removes the traditional barriers that annoy customers: rigid products, complicated procedures for changes and termination, unfamiliar language and a poor customer experience
  • Launch of a new digital channel offering a highly configurable product and paperless management
  • Fully digitised processes for policy subscription, underwriting and management

Implementation of the Guidewire Insurance Platform

  • Implementation of the complete Guidewire Insurance Platform for policies, billing and claims
  • Key differentiating assets leveraged:
  • Integrated group components for digital signature, instant payments and document template
    - Guidewire ADP accelerator
    - Full digitalisation of processes: agents can subscribe to a new policy in a matter of minutes using a totally paperless process, thanks to digital signatures and payments
  • Policy underwriting and management processes are now flexible, easy to understand and monthly based. As a flagship digital service, it offers choice: subscription is straightforward, changes can be made quickly, it offers multiple options and it is easy to close
  • Communications reimagined: a digital and mobile-first approach means simplified language and infographics have replaced complex text, while paper remains just an option

Greater customer satisfaction and increased business agility

  • Flexible and modular policies are user-friendly and empower customers to tailor insurance protection to their personal needs while reducing the time required to buy a policy
  • Simplicity is all around, right from the beginning. Leveraging Agile methods and starting from a greenfield removed technical barriers and enabled a fresh approach to process and product design while keeping the customer at the centre of everything
  • 70% reduction in time to market for new products (from months to weeks) enabling greater business agility and responsiveness to market changes
  • Winner of Guidewire Innovation Award
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Alain Lamothe

Global Head of Insurance