Banking Expert Survey 2017

GFT has surveyed decision-makers in retail banks for the third consecutive year. Based on 285 interviews, the survey offers valuable insights into the status of digital transformation, Bank as a Platform (BaaP) and artificial intelligence (AI) across eight countries.

In the internet age, people want to solve their financial challenges on their terms, when their need – not the bank’s – is greatest. No matter what channel they use to manage their finances, they also want the same world-class banking experience. As a retail bank, your organisation must evolve its business model to accommodate this new reality, attract and retain your preferred customers and maximise your share of an increasingly competitive market.

GFT understands your systems, challenges and business objectives, as well as your customers’ expectations. GFT experts collaborate across borders, combining their knowledge with our technologies and those of other leading service providers to build your optimal digital bank.

We offer all the components you need to build your digital bank, serving as cornerstones of the digital revolution. This includes mobile payments, real-time decisions, digital platforms and personal finance management

Why transform your business

Digital banking is banking a step ahead

The digital banking revolution creates outstanding opportunities for your organisation. The same technologies that give customers more control also enable you to understand, engage and serve them more efficiently and effectively.

Customers in the centre of operations

New technologies that can analyse huge data volumes in real time will help you understand customers in greater detail and help prevent customer churn, reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase profitability.

Digital banking makes banking safer

Digital banking also means establishing integrated processes across business units as well as tools for solvency checks, fraud detection, accounts receivable / collections management and personalised advisory management.

At GFT we build the bank of tomorrow with the technologies of today. This is what we call ‘empowering digital banks. Artur Serra Sales Executive Director Banking


Why choose GFT

GFT has 25 years of market experience

We delivered tailored, tested and fully functional digital banking solutions to some of the world’s largest retail banks. These solutions for mobile payments, real-time decisions and personal finance management represent our core competencies.

Our solutions work

We achieve this by combining agile methodologies, proven experience from front-end design to back-end technology, streamlined management processes, specialist partners, creative prototyping and realistic testing facilities.

Our teams are international

GFT experts know the retail banking world inside out. They understand your systems, challenges and business objectives as well as your customers’ expectations. They are in tune with market trends and know what is relevant for your specific situation.

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