Banking Expert Survey 2017

GFT has surveyed decision-makers in retail banks for the third consecutive year. Based on 285 interviews, the survey offers valuable insights into the status of digital transformation, Bank as a Platform (BaaP) and artificial intelligence (AI) across eight countries.

The latest digital platforms for retail banking provide new ways to support multiple touch points between banks and their customers, including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

The big idea is to define customer interactions in terms of a set of tasks, situations, information and opportunities. With the right platform, your bank has the tools to optimise these interactions by putting the focus on customer needs and convenience, immediately enabling them to connect with your bank in the same way that they do with Facebook or Amazon. The relationship becomes closer and more personal, boosting customer loyalty and retention.

GFT has a proven track record in developing digital platforms with mobile capabilities based on such concepts. As the sector specialist, we help retail banks like yours grow their businesses by enriching their digital platforms with the very latest technologies.

GFT: Empowering Digital Banks

Why transform your business

Ensure a responsive experience

A responsive web design optimises the sales process and the customer experience by ensuring content and response mechanisms work in the most convenient way for the user at all times.

Seamless experience - across any channel

Delivering a seamless experience - across any channel, based on a complete digital platform - is one of the best ways for you to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimisation of selling capacity

Mobile and responsive solutions improve your selling capacity by enabling you to define workflows and processes independent of channel, device, touch point or wearable technology.

The new digital age requires flexible open architecture platforms to allow your business to be more personal and secure, anywhere at any time. Ricardo Elizo Director


Why choose GFT

We know our customer needs

GFT assesses customer needs and helps identify the most precise solution by analysing different options and evaluating technology models.
GFT supports you in defining and planning digital platform implementation.

GFT is THE sector specialist

GFT offers infrastructure development, technical design and implementation coordination, drawing on the very latest technologies. Moreover, GFT’s development platform, Appverse, provides easy integration with multiple backend systems.

Full integration of the IT solution

As well as providing integration of digital platform solutions with existing backend systems and processes, GFT also offers the integration of our own custom development solution, including third party software.

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