Regulations remain one of the most prominent drivers of data management development across the financial industry, as banks are required to answer more and more onerous questions posed by national and regional regulators.

With a growing number of regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PSD2, BCBS239, MiFID II, the Dodd-Frank Act and FATCA (to name but a few), the pressure to implement effective data governance programmes is becoming increasingly prevalent as financial institutions struggle to cope with the volume, pace and concurrency of regulatory change.

Such regulations have the potential to help firms make better data decisions. However, to achieve this benefit banks should avoid relying on ‘tactical fixes’ aimed at ‘ticking the box’ to meet their regulatory obligations and instead invest in a systematic approach to data management.

Why transform your business

Simplified regulatory compliance

Reliable, trusted data is a requirement in all compliance initiatives. By implementing a flexible data governance framework providing comprehensive access to transparent, quality data, banks can effectively comply with current and future regulations.

Improved business decisions

A data governance programme ensures the availability of high-quality data which everyone in the organisation can trust, dramatically improving decision making processes.

Greater competitive advantage

In today’s economy, data is one of the most valuable assets in any organisation. Effectively understanding and harnessing it will determine the success or failure of many financial institutions in the upcoming decade.

Effective data governance provides a flexible framework needed to ensure that compliance with new regulations does not become a hurdle, while also providing an essential data quality basis for decision making and digitalisation efforts within financial service organisations. Brian Lyons Principal Consultant

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Why choose GFT

Trust a recognised expert

GFT works alongside the world’s leading financial institutions to develop and implement strategic, proactive and sustainable compliance solutions with the flexibility to accommodate future demands.

Get value out of your data

Our unique approach follows proven methodologies that not only ensure compliance with the latest regulations, but also go the extra mile and capitalise on the opportunities presented by each engagement.

Spark innovation

Data plays a pivotal role at the GFT Digital Innovation Lab where our multidisciplinary specialists anticipate social trends and develop new business models that enable you to obtain maximum benefit from digitalisation.

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