Our Client Intelligence Platform draws on detailed external client financial data to match a company’s financial profile to more than 200 product queries. This lets customer relationship bankers focus on identifying additional cross-selling and deep-selling opportunities. Our Client Intelligence Platform has been rolled out globally at two major international banks, allowing their event finance/treasury services and financial markets solution teams to compare 50,471 public clients based on all financial ratios.

In other words, you can analyse the financial profile of all major clients within a specific country or sector – in a matter of minutes. This client Intelligence solution has been successfully deployed with numerous peer/sector presentations.

Why transform your business

Consolidated client financial data

Need for detailed external client financial data to match a company’s financial profile to many product queries. Increasing focus on improving the quality of client intelligence and boosting efficiency by eliminating manual inputs.

Local tax filing across various locations

Demand for client's revenues to be analysed by a dashboard which lets you compare your share of DCM and (syndicated) loans with that of all peer banks. Contrasting with the advanced Client Intelligence Platform which uses a wider variety of sources.

Cover a significant portion of costs

The benefits generated by a Client Intelligence Dashboard can cover a significant portion of the development costs needed to make your client processes regulatory compliant.

Displaying clients in the Client Intelligence Dashboard allows you to highlight opportunities to cross sell and deep sell in a systematic and repeatable manner based on defined business rules. In essence, with the right data inputs the Client Intelligence Dashboard will deliver valuable client insight and unveil opportunities to build your business case.
Stephen Greaves Principal Consultant


Why choose GFT

Innovative client intelligence solutions

We combine the Client Intelligence Accelerator with business consulting expertise to deliver a tailored and fully functional Client Intelligence Dashboard and thus help you optimise your client relationships.

Solutions for our clients

GFT rolls out business solutions to deliver effective client intelligence. We have completed large projects for tier 1 and tier 2 banks, enabling them to drive effective cross-selling and deep-selling processes by reorganising sales processes.

Solutions that meet clients’ needs

At GFT, we leverage a streamlined licensing model based on standard industry technologies and data feeds to offer you solutions which meet client needs more quickly and effectively than any competitive offering.

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